Lucas Original 12 Volt Generator Armature 239428 NEW OLD STOCK in Original Box for C45 Generators Models C45PV-4, C45PV-3, C45P-5, C45PV-5, C45PV-6, with the following part numbers 2435A/B, 2244IA, 22446A/B, 22447A, 22453A, 22455A/B, 22455D, 22456A/D, 22456E/F, 22458A/B, 22458D/E, 22461A, 22461B, 22461D/F, 22470A/F, 22470H/L, 22483A, 22483B/D, 22489B/E, 22494B/D, 22497B, 22502B/D To suit Rover, Triumph, Jaguar, Austin and many other makes. Please see photo(s) - they form part of the description.
SKU 1120
Location Zone 2 Bay 1 Level C
Shipping Weight 2.5500kg
Unit Of Measure ea