Lucas starter motor main spring 250404 suits Lucas starter motor models M35G, M35G1, M35H, with part numbers 25001A/B, 25012A/D, 25013A/B, 25022A/L, 25022NQ, 25022M, 25022NQ, 25024A, 25025A/D, 25025E, 25031A/D, 25032A, 25037A/B, 25037D, 25050A/B, 25058A/D, 25058F, 25061A, 25061B, 25061E/F, 25065A, 25065B, 25065D/E, 25071A/D, 25075A, 250405. Please see photo(s) - they form part of the description.

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Location Zone 2 Bay 15 Level B
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